extra curricular activities

The Following Clubs Are Offered At Wise Owl Primary School

It is the schools desire to give every child an opportunity to excel in both sport and academics. Sport   and   clubs   are   an   integral   part   of   the   schools   life.   Sport   does   not   only   give   one   the opportunity to be mentally and physically fit but it also helps to practice team work, decision making   under   pressure,   discipline,   managing   wins   and   losses   and   having   fun.

Wise Owl Group of Schools has enjoyed a long association with top quality schools. Over   the   many   players   in   a   wide   variety   of   sport   have   been   drawn   from   our   ranks   and currently  there   is   still   an   abundance   of   talent   to   maintain   Wise   Owl’s   proud   tradition   of sporting   excellence.   Although   an   emphasis   is   placed   on   winning   and   being   competitive, participation is also   encouraged .